I'm very happy going back to San Diego this weekend, Friday and Saturday. I'll be performing in two shows! The Saturday show is already SOLD OUT, but there are some tickets left for Friday show! For the Saturday show, I'm opening for Dat Phan who won the first season of NBC's Last Standing Comic! Woo! woo!  I'm very excited! Those two shows are gonna be fun! 

Friday 13: Kat McCoy & Company
7:30 (Door: 6:30)
Spacebar Cafe @7454 University, La Mesa

Saturday 14: Dat Phan & Friends
8:30 (Door: 7:30)
Dragon's Den @315 10th Ave, San Diego
PictureComedy Heights 2/14/2015
I had a good time performing on Valentine's Day at Comedy Heights in San Diego. They always pack the room, and the audience is fabulous. I always get positive energy when I'm there!  Thanks to the producer of the show, Maria Herman!  I love your show!

Also, the headliner, Keith Michael Ashton killed!  Ah, he's so funny and very friendly too!  We hung out after the show with a local comic, Manish Gupta. It was fun.  

At a bar, we talked about what it is like to perform stand-up comedy. For me, it is like boxing, even though I've never boxed. As soon as you get on the stage, you give a punch to your audience.  A good punch. An effective one. (There is no time to bullshit.) And you keep adding punch after punch, rhythmically throughout your set.  It's like a fight.  You kill, otherwise you die.

I'm still developing my skill to be a comic, so I still get very nervous.  But, I think about fighting, and I feel better.  I can be ready to give a good punch.  It's a bit weird to say,  but this is what it is for me now.

I had a really good time in Fresno!  The audience is amazingly supportive as usual!  I felt goooood!  I hope they felt gooood, too!  Also, all lady comics are funny and friendly. My favorite gal is Ann Martinez Allen.  She has hilarious materials about her body and doesn't hesitate to joke about herself at all!  Despite of her killer set, Ann says that she is not doing comedy for money, just for fun!  I was stunned by the fact that very talented people are hidden like her!  At Teazer World Tea Market, I received a free gift card, so I got 4 organic chocolate bars.  My childhood dream came true!  Funny ladies with chocolate and tea!  My sweet memory in Fresno! 
We are petting a comic, Ruby's belly. She's 9 months pregnant!
4 different kinds of flavor! Fancy organic chocolates! I felt like I'm finally rich.
This Friday, Feb 6th, I'm visiting Fresno, CA to join an all-lady stand-up comedy show! I love performing in Fresno, because audience members are very supportive! And they are fun! 
Come to Comedy Night with a Teaze if you are around!  

Happy New Year!  2015 is a year of sheep!  Kazumi would like to greet everyone with her Sumo Girl appearance on Fox News, Good Day L.A. last year.  Enjoy! Thank you for supporting! 
A silent comedy movie, Sumo Girl Episode 4, "Fun Time" is updated today! She says, "Me make friends."  Enjoy!
A silent comedy movie, Sumo Girl Episode 3, "Lunch Time" is updated today! This time she goes to a grocery store...  Have fun!
P.S... For non-American audience, the pink bottle is a popular liquid stomach medicine in U.S.A.
Sumo Girl episode 2, "Training" is updated today!  I had to postpone updating it for a week, because I had a sudden audition last week for a new TV show that made my schedule crazy...  However, finally here is new episode. I created new title thumbnail! Yes, this time Sumo Girl hangs out on the beach.  Enjoy!
My new web series, Sumo Girl 01 "Up Time" is up on Youtube now!
I'll upload new one every Wednesday. It took for one and half year to finish this project!  I'm so glad that I can share this funny movie with every one!
Experience traditional & modern Japanese style comedy in English!
sketch comedy show, Karate Chop Teriyaki Comedy as part of Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014 will open June 13th Friday!  Get a ticket now!  www.karatechopcomedy.com

4 Shows Only!
6/13 FRI 7:30pm
6/15 SUN 1:30pm
6/20 FRI 9:00pm
6/28 SAT 6:30pm

6470 Theatre @The Complex
6470 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, 90038

A hysterical clash of cultures!  Two performers, Kazumi Kusano, a Japanese female stand-up comic and Michael Naishtut, an American actor who has lived and studied traditional Japanese performing arts, join forces. By making fun of cultural differences between Japan and America, the duo show that human foibles are universal. Laugh at a series of comic scenes from traditional Rakugo storytelling and the 600 year old Kyogen theater, to the modern 2 person Manzai stand-up and a short Konto comedy sketch. Meet an exotic Geisha, a strict Karate master, Samurai, Sumo, thief, detective, conman, and even a monkey! (Length: 60 MIN)